Dave Stead


David stead aged 25 (next month)
First got on the back of my dads Honda super dream 400 when I was 4, and never looked back since. I wouldn’t let my dad go out on his bike without taking me. As I got older the ccs got bigger, jumping on the back of my dads Suzuki gsxr1100 at 7 years old didn’t bother me one bit. Got my 1st off road motorcycle at 12 and my dad taught me how to ride it (mum going mental). Fell off, crashed it, blew it up and tried to fix it. My 16th birthday came and I did my cbt, went to college and studied motorcycle engineering, worked for local bike shop and also mayhem doing some repairs and service work on the learner bikes. At 19 I opened up my own motorcycle shop selling bikes/ repairing bikes, I still own the motorcycle shop and also doing another job which I love….. Motorcycle training, I love meeting new people and it’s great getting people of all ages riding a motorcycle and enjoying the whole process.
Present bikes- triumph explorer 1200, Yamaha xjr 1200.

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