Terms and Conditions

At the time of booking your training you must pay a deposit to secure the course date.  Until this payment is received, the booking is not confirmed and we reserve the tight to re-sell the training time. The balance of payment is to be made at the start of the course.


CBT is normally a one day training course.  It is not a test.  However it is not always possible to complete it in one day.  If further training is required to reach an acceptable standard your instructor will discuss that with you.


Mayhem Motorcycle Training operates a policy of having a maximum of two pupils per instructor for all “on road” training.  There is usually a waiting list.  Therefore, if you decide to cancel the course or a lesson please give a minimum of 48 hrs notice so that another rider may use this training time. Failure to give us due notice will result in loss of deposit.


You will be advised of the appropriate course of training that will be needed to reach the standard required to pass the practical test (if applicable).  This can not be taken as a guarantee that you will pass the test as the test is carried out by the DSA.


In order to provide a quality service , you are covered by comprehensive insurance whilst riding a Mayhem Motorcycle Training school bike.


At the end of each training session please ensure that your radio as well as any other equipment or clothing borrowed, is returned to the instructor.


We reserve the right to cancel or postpone any training whether CBT or and road training should we consider the weather and/or road conditions to be too dangerous.  This could be on the morning or start time of your training.  Your safety is our priority and we hope you appreciate our concern.


Mayhem Motorcycle Training will supply the training motorcycle.  In the event that you decide to use your own machine for training purposes.  It must be in roadworthy condition and comply with all current regulations and legislations, display the current regulation “L” plates and be insured for the intended purpose of training.  Mayhem Motorcycle Training reserves the right to refuse to train you on your own machine if they deem the machine to be unsuitable for training purposes.


If you decide to use your own safety helmet, it must comply with all current applicable safety regulations and be road legal.


Mayhem Motorcycle Training accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage , for any reason, to your personal property.  Any damage caused to your own motorcycle whilst being used for the training purpose is your own responsibility.


You must disclose to your instructor, any medical condition, drugs or medication (by prescription or otherwise) being taken that could impair riding ability before each training session.


The instructor has the right to halt or suspend training if he/she believes you are incapacitated in any way through drink or drugs.


The instructor has the right to terminate training (without a refund) if you ride in a dangerous or negligent manner whilst on a public highway.


Mayhem Motorcycle Training reserves the right to waive or alter any of these Terms and Conditions as necessary to achieve our business and for ethical reasons.


Motorcycling is a potentially hazardous activity. To get the most benefit from your training and to avoid injury it is vitally important to listen to and to comply with all instructions given to you by your instructor.  If you do as you are instructed then the likelihood of an accident is extremely remote.  However there may be times when the situation will be out of the instructors control and in certain circumstances this could potentially lead to an accident.  It is your responsibility to ride at all times within your limits and within the constraints of the highway code and all other traffic regulations.  In the event of an accident neither Mayhem Motorcycle Training nor the individual can accept responsibility, unless it can be shown that the instructor has been negligent in his/her instruction.

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